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When I was sidelined by Plantar Fasciitis, the excruciating heel pain made walking and working difficult, and my enjoyment of life took a sudden spiral.


The rehabilitation treatments I was prescribed (wall and floor stretches, tennis balls, pulling on towels, etc.) were effective, but awkward to follow throughout the workday. For this reason, many Plantar Fasciitis sufferers become non-compliant after a short time. So, I designed and patented the ThermaWedge® device.


Rehabilitation from Plantar Fasciitis involves targeted stretching of the calf muscles, the Achilles tendon, and the plantar fascia. ThermaWedge is the complete, all-in-one solution to Plantar Fasciitis, as it combines all of these stretches in one easy to use the device.  It is lightweight, portable and can be used at home or discreetly at work.


ThermaWedge is endorsed by podiatrists, physicians, chiropractors and physiotherapists. It is being used by golf professionals, competitive runners, and university basketball teams for preventive foot care programs and injury rehabilitation. A clinical study led by Dr. Jack Taunton, UBC Professor Emeritus Sport and Exercise Medicine supports the benefits of using the ThermaWedge device.


The loss of time, wages and enjoyment of life due to Plantar Fasciitis is astronomical, yet very preventable. You will see ThermaWedge in the workplace, under the desks of teachers and lawyers, in restaurant and nursing stations, in dental and retail lunchrooms, and in chiropractic and athletic therapy clinics.

To understand the science supporting medical endorsements of ThermaWedge®, view Dr. Taunton's presentation to the BC Podiatric Medical Association:

- Susan Nielsen, inventor of the patented ThermaWedge® device


Susan with Dr. Jack Taunton MSc, MD, Dip Sports Medicine (CASEM), MCFP (SEM), FACSM, Professor Emeritus UBC Faculty of Medicine (Sports Medicine)

Susan with Scott Fraser, Head Therapist and Coordinator Trainer Services UBC Athletics

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