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Plantar fasciitis is the most common foot pain complaint presented to physicians, striking up to 10% of the population. It accounts for close to two million patient visits per year in the USA, and can be devastating to one’s work, family and social life.  


Until now, there has been a void in the area of a proven effective and convenient, all-in-one home rehabilitation treatment. 


The ThermaWedge® device is a clinically proven, multi-patented innovation in the home treatment of plantar fasciitis/fasciopathy.  This highly effective rehabilitation tool incorporates into one lightweight and portable device all five of the home treatment modalities recommended by medical professionals.  It is also used to expedite recovery from Achilles tendon injuries, and for rehabilitation after knee and hip replacement surgery.

ThermaWedge is praised by physicians and physiotherapists for its convenience and portability, facilitating ongoing patient compliance with prescribed home exercises, including calf muscle and intrinsic foot stretching with deep plantar massage and hot/cold therapy.


Sports Medicine physician and researcher Dr. Jack Taunton led a clinical study of the ThermaWedge device. This study concluded that use of the device significantly reduced pain, and significantly improved foot and ankle function in individuals suffering with chronic plantar fasciitis.


Susan with Dr. Jack Taunton MSc, MD, Dip Sports Medicine (CASEM), MCFP (SEM), FACSM, Professor Emeritus UBC Faculty of Medicine (Sports Medicine)

Lightweight and portable, the ThermaWedge device is not only being used in the home, but also in a variety of workplaces where individuals spend long periods of time on their feet. 


Overweight and pregnant individuals are also highly prone to plantar fasciitis, as are runners and those who play basketball, golf, tennis and volleyball.  


Beyond treating plantar fasciitis/fasciopathy, Achilles injuries and sprains, the ThermaWedge device is also beneficial to seniors and individuals with stability and mobility issues including Parkinson’s disease.  It aids in the strengthening of calf muscles and the increasing of foot and ankle function, thus reducing the risk of falls, and improving overall physical and mental health. 


Runners, football and basketball players are also susceptible to this condition, and ThermaWedge has become part of preventative foot care programs by NBA, CFL and Olympic teams, in the training room and accompanying athletes on road trips.


ThermaWedge holds five utility patents:  USA(3), Canada and the UK.  Podiatrists have referred to this device as the “Swiss Army knife” for plantar fasciitis treatments, crediting its multiple functions and convenience.  It can be used in the workplace (sitting or standing), in the home, on vacation and in the training room.  ThermaWedge’s latex-free foam body provides a firmly comfortable Shore hardness for the foot, at a self-adjustable calf stretching angle.  


It is lightweight and washable, and the pocket encloses a cold/hot gel pack for either inflammation relief or increased circulation as is required. The heel base is padded, providing comfort to that painful area during the prescribed foot and calf stretching.


The (removable) natural cork roller’s gentle but firm texture is preferable to that of hard plastic rollers for its comfort and effectiveness in plantar fascia stretching. The bevelled ends of the cork roller provide options of deep tissue pressure and cross friction massage. Natural cork is a sustainable and renewable resource.


A major concern of physicians and therapists is the lack of compliance with the rehabilitation exercises they prescribe. ThermaWedge can be used while sitting or standing, at home or discreetly at work while the user engaged in other activities.  It is very lightweight, so easily taken along on vacation for continuity of the prescribed rehabilitation program.

For an outline of the science supporting medical endorsements of ThermaWedge, view Dr. Taunton's presentation to the BC Podiatric Medical Association:

Don't be sidelined by plantar fasciitis.

Susan Nielsen, ThermaWedge® founder

Susan with Scott Fraser, Head Therapist and Coordinator Trainer Services UBC Athletics

Susan with Dr. Howard Green, Podiatrist  and President of the Canadian Podiatric Medical Association

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