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"As a teacher, I am up and about all day long and over the years my feet have really suffered. The ThermaWedge® Is not only extremely convenient to use both at home and work but the chronic pain in my feet has been significantly reduced."

DiAnne S., Teacher

"My Chiropractor recommended ThermaWedge® when I was struck with plantar fasciitis training for the Sun Run. My job requires me to be on my feet a lot so I use the ThermaWedge® at work throughout the day. It is really helping to relieve the pain."

Joanne D., Dental Assistant

"Easy to use, compact, portable, multifunctional — stretches, strengthens and relieves pain, swelling and cools!"

Mark K., Consultant,

"I have suffered from planter fascitis for many years and nothing has relieved the problem ... until now! The ThermaWedge® proudly sits under my desk and I use it frequently. God bless the ThermaWedge!"

Perry E., Lawyer

"I started using it the same evening that I brought it home. Then for the next three mornings before heading out for a walk I popped the heated cryopak compress into the sleeve of the wedge and stretched the plantar fascia for a few seconds and did a final stretch with the roller on both feet. When returning home I used the wedge for an after walk stretch. As well, through out the day and in the evenings I have continued to use the wedge and roller to keep my plantar fascia stretched. It is so convenient to use and makes doing proper stretching so easy. I feel it has made a big difference. While out walking I have had absolutely no pain in my heels, and in particular the foot that has been giving me the most grief since our Coast to Coast walk in the UK. It's so nice not to hobble taking the first few steps out of the car when out doing errands!"

Pam D.

"I stand for long periods of time at work, and after a long day it feels really good to stretch. The ThermaWedge® makes it very easy and targets potential problem areas. I would highly recommend this product!"

Tom H., Customer Service

"I like the ThermaWedge® because it provides instant pain relief when I use it to stretch my swollen achilles tendon. Using the on-board foot roller really improves circulation in my feet. I like to use the ThermaWedge® in the morning and when I get home from work. It makes my feet feel happy and eases aching after a long day of hiking around job-sites!"

Richard T., Manager, Truck Fleet Operations

"I find the ThermaWedge® an easy tool to use to combat not only plantar fasciitis, but general pain in the feet from standing all day. I highly recommend to anyone that wants relief from either of these problems."

Sonya A., Sales

"I have been using ThermaWedge® for a week now and I have already noticed a difference.
Generally from work my feet are tight and sore by the end of the day. Using ThermaWedge® has helped relax the muscle in my arch and even around my toes that I no longer feel pain when I wake up in the morning."

Zoiya J., Hair Stylist

"Doing the usual stretches to help relieve plantar fasciitis is extremely awkward. The ThermaWedge® made doing the stretches daily much easier."

Ansuia K., Line Cook

"I am grateful to have this tool to work with. It is so lightweight and convenient to use. The pain is gradually lessening, and mobility is improving. This is indeed a nasty ailment which affects every step of the day."

Sue O., Sales

"It is an easy way to stretch my calves at work."

"I found out about ThermaWedge two weeks into having Plantar Fasciitis in my left foot resulting from over-exuberant exercise. Within 24 hours I had already noticed a reduction in the pain in my left heel. It has now been four weeks, and I was able to take a pain-free 5 km walk the other day. I will continue to use the ThermaWedge on both of my feet on a regular basis as prevention against any further problems with Plantar Fasciitis. Just having the ThermaWedge in sight reminds me of what I went through and encourages me to use the device daily. There is always an opportunity to use it, whether it is while I am peeling vegetables, watching TV, or even putting on makeup!"

Patricia L.K., Retired Executive

Mike B., Accountant, Byrne & Associates

"My job keeps me at a desk and quite often I get cramps in my legs and feet. ThermaWedge® allows me to stretch while I'm at the office without anyone even knowing it! I bring it home with me to use while I prepare dinner or watch tv. I find that ThermaWedge® provides a better stretch than any other to the point where after I work out, I will wait to stretch my legs until I get home so that I can use my ThermaWedge. I've had pains in my feet from being active and from being constrained to a desk during the day so the roller helps alleviate any pain or cramping. I can't get enough of ThermaWedge."

Nicole K., Administration

"I am very active and spend a lot of time on my feet. I don’t have plantar fasciitis, but I use the ThermaWedge® daily as a preventative measure against injury, for a total foot & calf stretch. Nothing stretches me out as well as ThermaWedge. I would recommend this product to anyone who does a lot of standing at work."

Michelle K., Receptionist

"I love ThermaWedge® as I have Plantar Fasciitis. I come home and while in the kitchen making dinner I stand on the ThermaWedge® or roll my foot with the cork roller. I have found this to help so much as it also stretches out my calves. It has got to a stage where I actually look forward to getting home and standing in my kitchen! I would definitely recommend ThermaWedge® to anyone."

Sandra F., Sales/Secretary

"I have been using Thermawedge® for preventative stretching for my achilles tendon and have felt the benefits right away. I find that the device is so easy to use and can be used anywhere. I would highly recommend this product."

Jacky C., Dental Receptionist

"A great preventative measure!"

Rick N., Pilot

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